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Skyline New York

Solutions focused therapy for professionals and creatives struggling with anxiety, addiction, or anger issues

I'm Peter Stieglmayr, a therapist in New York City who specializes in helping clients gain control over their anxiety, addiction, or anger issues through a solution focused approach. This approach will help you to process your past and learn ways to cope with the present, with the goal of helping you live a more confident and fulfilling life.



Stressed Man


Feeling of tenseness, jitters, racing thoughts, and heart-pounding sensation that comes across your entire body when a problem happens in your life or perhaps a drastic change occurs, or just general uncertainty.



Addiction itself can come in many forms, from chemical addictions, such as alcohol or cocaine use to gambling, to behavioral addictions, such as pornography/sex, gambling. and video games. 


Anger Management

Anger can take many forms from shouting to being short with people, or being absent or in some cases physical violence. It is often a result of frustration, or feeling blocked from something. 

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