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Anger Management

Anger can suddenly appear and may either be based on something that happened in the past, something that is happening right now, or a fear, anxiety, or perception about something that could happen in the future.


Sometimes anger can be sudden and be caused by an underlying related condition such as depression or anxiety, or even a relationship issue. At other times, anger issues can be related to a condition called intermittent explosive disorder, which is characterized by sudden outbursts, anger/rage, and property damage. 


The consequences related to anger can be significant and can include loss of job, family, position, or influence. However, anger is an issue that can be successfully addressed through the use of a solutions-focused approach which helps to identify issues that can be contributing to anger, and development of coping skills to help with future instances of anger.


"Anger management" as it is popularly called works on identifying patterns and rectifying these patterns, by developing healthier expressions of anger. It does not mean you will not be angry ever again or should suppress your anger. Instead, it works to identify a healthier relationship with your anger so that it is channeled in a way that can lead to a more fulfilling life, free from the consequences that negative anger can bring.

Anger Managemen
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