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Top 5 Self-Help Workbooks for Anger, Anxiety, Addiction, Perfectionism, and Depression.

We thought this would be a very interesting blog post, especially since many clients come to us with varying challenges such as anxiety, anger, addiction, perfectionism, and depression. The following is a list of workbooks that we find to be indispensable when approaching different challenges. As always, we recommend that these workbooks be used in conjunction with a qualified therapist.


In this workbook, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) provides a new way to approach anxiety related issues. From social anxiety to general anxiety, even panic; contained in this workbook is a blueprint for living. ACT incorporates 7 core concepts that can be integrated into your life: mindfulness, cognitive defusion, acceptance, perspective taking, value, self-compassion, and committed action. We highly recommend this workbook for its ease of incorporating the concepts quickly, with many of our clients having had utilized this workbook in conjunction with therapy with one of our therapists.

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Anger-related issues can be tricky to treat, as anger is a secondary emotion, of something else going on. Within this workbook, you will learn how incorporating DBT can assist you in working through your anger. DBT is based on four core concepts: Mindfulness, distress tolerance, emotional regulation, and interpersonal effectiveness. Through this approach, you will be able to develop coping skills that can be immediately utilized.

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Depending on the addiction and the circumstances, total abstinence may be necessary. However, under different circumstances, a harm reduction approach can be utilized. With so many options available to you in terms of how to treat an addiction. We thought this book would be a great place to start on your journey to wellness. The workbook will help you develop a better understanding and awareness of yourself, which can help you to make a well-informed decision regarding your addiction.

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Perfectionism/Imposter Syndrome

Perfectionism and imposter syndrome can work with each other and amplify one and the other. With perfectionism, the need to place exuberant expectations on yourself can lead to an overwhelming feeling of pressure—in short, anxiety! With imposter syndrome, that feeling of “someone finding out I’m a fraud” can be a very real feeling. As always, we recommend seeking a qualified therapist who can assist you in working through perfectionism or imposter syndrome.

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It’s all about ACT folks! But seriously, we thought that this would be another addition for combating challenges with depression. This workbook is a must have for those who are struggling with depression and are open to becoming more psychologically flexible. One of the highlights in this book is in helping an individual recognize certain patterns within themselves, especially those who are struggling with various challenges surrounding depression.

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Bonus Workbook


What would a proper blog be without a bonus? This is an outstanding workbook for anyone that wants to incorporate DBT into their lives, whether the challenge is anxiety, depression, addiction, or an anger issue, this is definitely the book to purchase.

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